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It's nothing like CSI

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ncis / ncis:la icons
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~>A place for all NCIS/NCIS:LA icons and icon makers/seekers.

~>All genres are welcome, Slash, Het, Gen, whatever floats your boat! Though if you use strong language or nudity for example, place the icon behind a LJ cut.

~>Please place more than 3 icons behind a cut, so that we do not slow friends pages down.

~>I ask that you are respectful when you post and comment in this community.

~>You may request icons here, but please include your pics, or whatever in a cut ;)
[NB: Just because you request an icon, it doesn't mean someone will make it for you.]

~>Do not spam: requests are good as long as they ARE icon related.

~>Credit where it's due, please. If an icon maker requests that you credit and comment before taking an icon, then do so.

~>Put spoiler icons under an LJ cut please. This includes ANYTHING from a current season that gives a plot away! Remember there are people out there that have not seen the current season.

~>Community maintainer: jades_shadow
~>Any comments or concerns, e-mail me at jades_shadow @ livejournal.com

~>Affiliate communities:
harmon_daily - Mark Harmon
mw_daily - Michael Weatherly

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